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      Laizhou Zhonghe Arts&Crafts Co., Ltd. has 30 years experience in making bags and other products of natural materials. With the material: paper straw, wheat straw, cornhusk, raffia, sea grass, rush and other series available. Moreover, we also produce bags from cotton, jute, denim, canvas, wool, tweed, felt, plush, fur, PVC, PP fiber, PE, etc.
      We can offer a wide range of the straw bags, straw hats, all kinds of beach bags of natural materials...
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Laizhou Zhonghe Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd
Add.: Qianchen, Shahe Town, Laizhou 261427, Shandong China
Tel: 0086-535-2378098
Fax: 0086-535-2372666
Email: andy@handicraftbag.com

Laizhou Office:
Add.: Room A019, 13 Floor, No. 1507, Zhongchang Building , Chenggang South Road, Laizhou 261400, Shandong, China
Tel.: 0086-535-2298088
Email: into@handicraftbag.com
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